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WOC 2022

Jesse Benedetti

Jesse Benedetti, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Owner, Version180 Body and Mind Transformation, United States
Title : Relearning and re associating health and fitness.


The past learned associations do not have to be the predictor for future health and or health problems. Traumas, regardless how they look on the surface to others, can directly or indirectly create poor learned associations towards health and fitness. The last two years of the pandemic has made this even more obvious.But we rarely hear about relearned associations in order to help reassociate and strengthen our relationship with health and fitness. Different conditioning techniques can help to turn the negative stimuli into positive stimuli, given enough time and right reinforcements (Spanella, 2015). Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) comes from many things includingm but not limited to, war and witnessing a death or rape. Multiple studies on PTSD coping mechanisms have shown significant quality of life benefits for those who exercise and eat well over those who only have therapy with a psychologist (Kim et. al.). The chemical changes that happen with consistent physical activity and good nutritional habits have benefits that are too great to be ignored any longer. To be able to engage in this mindshift we must find new ways to help associate good behaviors with good reinforcements. This presentation focuses on methods that will form new and more productive ways to be in the best shape, physically and mentally.
The Audience Will be Able to Learn
1) Health and fitness are learned experiences and learned associations.
2) Learning how to be in control of their health and fitness will create better employers/employees. Those who workout and have good nutrition have a higher success rate and earn more money annually.
3) This will help provide a simple way to relearn and reassociate health and fitness so that it fits in the lives of even the most busy professionals.


Jesse Benedetti graduated summa cum laude from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Mr. Benedetti is a former world and U.S. Dancesport professional
champion. Mr. Benedetti currently runs a body and mind transformation program. Mr. Benedetti has encountered many adversities including dealing with a brother’s suicide, being diagnosed with cancer, and barely surviving a fatal car accident. Relearning different associations with health and fitness have been the life saving approach that has worked for Mr. Benedetti and many clients that he has helped transform their body and mind.