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Scientific Sessions

1. Obesity and Weight Management
Natural Weight Loss
Therapies for Weight Loss
Medications for Weight Loss
Prevention of Obesity
Herbal Weight Loss Medication
Weight Management of Prediabetes
Weight Management for Youth
Dietary Supplements
Role of Exercises in the Weight Management
3. Obesity: Genetics
Genetic Syndromes
Hereditary Factors
Genetic Mutations
Global Methylation and Obesity
5. Diet & Nutrition
Low Density Lipoproteins
Fat Burning Foods
Atkins Diet for Obese People
Consuming Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Dietary Approaches for Weight Loss
Diet & Weight Management
Vitamins for Weight Loss
7. Obesity & Associated Health Disorders
Sleep Apnea & Respiratory Illness
Obesity& Psychiatric Disorder
Adrenal disorders
Kidney, Heart Inequity
Heart diseases, Hypertension and Stroke
Cholesterol and Musculoskeletal Problems
Gallbladder Disorders
9. Obesity & Cancer
Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Liver and Kidney Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer
Breast, Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
11. Gynecology & Obstetrics
Ovarian Cysts and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Gynoid Obesity
Premature Birth
Overdue pregnancy
Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
13. Non-Surgical Treatment for Obesity
Eating Disorders Therapy
Physical Activities
Dietary Changes
15. Bariatric Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Types of Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Surgery Benefits and Side Effects
Post Bariatric Surgery Diet
Clinical Trials on Bariatric Surgery
17. Current Research on Obesity
Probiotics for Human Health
Transplantation for Diabetic Patients
Drug Treatments and Devices
Early Diagnosis
Use of Nano Technology
2. Obesity Causes
Lipid and Glucose Metabolism
Anabolic Steroids
Exogeneous Obesity
Genetic Susceptibility
Dietary Effects
Risks of Chronic Diseases Development
Hypertension and Hypothyroidism
Size Acceptance and Patient Stories
4. Anti-Obesity Drugs
Sympathomimetic drugs
6. Dietary and Lifestyle Changes
Losing Weight: Lifestyle Changes
Heart Disease and Diet and Lifestyle Changes
Prevention of Chronic Disease
Lifestyle Intervention
Intensive Lifestyle Change
Interventions to Promote Physical Activity and Dietary Lifestyle
8. Obesity and Diabetes
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Genomics, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
Diabetic Nephropathy and Urine
Diabetic  Retinopathy
Clinical Researches in Diabetes
10. Obesity and Endocrinology
Neuro Endocrinology
Pediatric Obesity
Endocrine Diseases and Regulation
Obesity & Leptin
Obesity on Growth Hormones
Adrenal and Pituitary Tumors
Paediatric Endocrinology
Current Advances in Endocrinology Metabolism
12. Advanced Treatment for Obesity
Bariatric Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Morbid Obesity Treatment
Islet Cell Transplantation
Weight Loss Using Kinesiology
14. Prevention: Obesity
Behavioral Therapy
Fitness and Eating Plan
Avoiding Junk Foods
Monitoring weight in Regular Intervals
16. Obesity in Women
Obesity and Infertility
Gestational Diabetes
Overdue Pregnancy
Premature Birth
Neonatal Death

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