HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

WOC 2023

Charlie Seltzer, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Dr. Charlie Seltzer Life Style Medicine, United States

Title: Stop the yo-yo cycle: Eat dirty not clean

 Laura Weiner Kiser, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Change By Challenge, United States

Title: Redefine your relationship with food

Elena Cagnazzi, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Spedali Civili Brescia University Affiliated Hospital, Italy

Title: Awake videolaryngoscopic intubation: A series of cases.

Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
University of Almeria, Spain

Title: Will be Updated Soon....

Alicja Lidia Korpysz, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Children's Memorial Health Institute, Poland

Title: IUGR as a risk of carbohydrate metabolism disorder

Andrzej Bissinger, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Medical University of Lodz, Poland

Title: Cardiovascular risk of sleep apnea in obesity

Vaclav Bunc, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Charles University, Czech Republic

Title: Will be Updated Soon....

Vinod Nikhra, Speaker at Weight Management Congress
Fellow International Medical Sciences Academy Fellow Royal Society of Medicine, India

Title: Will be Updated Soon....

Renata Macedo, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University, United States

Title: Weight management in primary care

Khodja Nedjoua, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Regional Military University Hospital of Constantine, Algeria

Title: Vitamin d levels in obesity: Unveiling the connection

Nigmatova Lobar Muradovna, Speaker at Obesity Conference
Hostel Tashkent state Dental Institute, Uzbekistan

Title: Possible ways to solve the problem of obesity in children