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Manfred Doepp, Speaker at Obesity Conference
HolisticCenter, Switzerland


Mammals and humans have white and brown fat. The brown fat has special properties. It stores heat instead of calories. The heat is produced in the mitochondria when ATP is not produced, but heat is. How to activate this process? It is mainly coolness and cold, which stimulates this production. Apart from staying in cold, the organism can be made to do this through cold chambers. This produces less white fat and more brown fat. The weight decreases.


Born in Bad Berleburg/Germany. Medical studies in Munich and Giessen, exams and doctorate in 1971. Scientific assistant at the clinical centre of the Justus Liebig University at Giessen until 1978. Senior physician for nuclear medicine at the clinical centre in Hanau until 1985. Founder of the "International Institute for Experiential Medicine" www.iifeh.de ; Founder of the "Diagnostic Centre for Mineral Analysis and Spectroscopy DCMS. From 2011 to 2018 Head Physician of the Quantisana Health Centre for Holistic Diagnostics and Therapy in CH 9404 Rorschacherberg. Since 2018 Head of the HolisticCenter in CH 9030 Abtwil. Many oral and written publications in the field of complementary and energy medicine. Many videos on Youtube, Google and complementary portals. Reviewer of international journals. Co-founder and Deputy President of DGEIM (German Society for Energetic and Information Medicine, Stuttgart www.dgeim.de).