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WOC 2022

Renata Machado Pinto, Speaker at Weight Management Congress
Federal University of Goias, Brazil

Title: Will be Updated Soon....

Doepp Manfred, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Head of HolisticCenter, Switzerland

Title: Histaminosis as trigger for obesity

Allison B Reiss, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
NYU Long Island School of Medicine, United States

Title: Exosomes in obesity and cardiovascular Disease

Rodolfo Rodriguez Cuadra, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Centro de Estudios Universitarios Vizcaya de Las Americas, Campus Uruapan, Mexico, Mexico

Title: Hand grip strength and physical activity level in university students from Uruapan Michoacán, México

 Laura Weiner Kiser, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Change By Challenge- Step Into Your Healthiest Self, United States

Title: Redefine your relationship with food

Negar Maghsoodi, Speaker at Obesity Events
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust East Surrey Hospital, United Kingdom

Title: Elevated fasting and postprandial C-terminal telopeptide after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB)

Marija Petrushevska, Speaker at Obesity Events
Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Title: Impact of obesity on oxidative stress markers in patients with covid-19

Jesse Benedetti, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Owner, Version180 Body and Mind Transformation, United States

Title: Relearning and re associating health and fitness.

Andrzej Bissinger, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Medical University of Lodz, Poland

Title: Obesity and cardiac arrhythmias

Carlos E Mendez, Speaker at world obesity conferences
Medical College of Wisconsin, United States

Title: Virtual diabetes management program for high-risk obese veterans

Olga Kochetova, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Russian Federation

Title: The relationship between gene polymorphisms and obesity in tatars

Ricardo C Cassilhas, Speaker at Clinical obesity Conferences
Federal University of the Valleys of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri , Brazil

Title: Does caloric restriction improve cognition and anxiety in rat model?

Reza Goodarzi, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
lorestan university of medical sciences ,imam hospital of borujerd, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Title: The Weight Loss With Energy Restriction With Gentle Slope

Mohammad Reza Fattahi, Speaker at Obesity congress
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Title: Will be Updated Soon....