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Rosalin D Bueta, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
University of Makati, Philippines


This paper, using a descriptive style, focuses on student’s status of health and well-being. The paper aimed to institute a concrete evidence of students’ health status as basis for monitoring every phase of progress and future interventions. Cluster sampling was used to gather responses that involved 253 first year college students from different departments during the academic year of 2020-2021. Data for the present paper were collected from the respondents through an online survey questionnaire.

The analysis revealed that with participants’ average age was 19.39 years (SD = 2.06) and 63% of the respondents were female. According to the calculated BMI, the majority 68% of respondents are of normal weight. 4% polled smoke, and 47% drinks occasionally. Only 19% of population actively participates in sports. More so, an Independent-Samples Kruskal-Wallis Test revealed that drinking alcohol has no effect on BMI, H (2) = 5.574, p = 0.062, and smoking has no effect on BMI, H(2) = 2.814, p = 0.245.

Thereby, regular monitoring of students’ health and well-being must be conducted and integration of the CrossFit Tabata-based fitness in the teaching of physical activities toward health and fitness may be an effective tool to maintain the health status among students.


Rosalin D. Bueta was an athlete , soldier and a teacher, interest in  Coaching  and Physical Fitness. She is candidate for Doctorate in Physical Education and Sports at the Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta Indonesia.