HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Baltimore, Maryland, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
Alberto Angel Martin, Speaker at Obesity Conference
Industrial University of Santander, Colombia


Purpose: Golden beery (Physalis peruviana L.) is an exotic fruit exported from Colombia to different countries around the world. A review of the literature tends to demonstrate a hypoglycemic effect with an improvement in insulin sensitivity after oral ingestion of fruit extracts in animal models. However, little is known about its potential effects in weight management, and very little is known about the mechanisms involved. This study aimed to analyze the effect of Golden berry consumption as possible bioactive compounds in the control of obesity compared to an obesogenic diet. Method: Wistar rats were treated for 30 days, distributed in the following groups: CNT: control, fed with a standard diet; WD: western diet, fed an obesogenic diet (rich in fat and sugar); GB: Fed WD+40mg/kg/day Golden berry diet, respectively.

Results: WD animals increased body weight compared to the control group. However, GB animals experienced a reduction in body weight. CONCLUSION: The administration of Golden berry prevents body weight gain against an obesogenic diet, and also improves circulating insulin levels. Therefore, the consumption of Golden beer emerges as possible bioactive compounds in the control of obesity and associated alterations. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Thematic Network Project 8755 of VIE (UIS).

Audience Take Away:

  • Golden berry (Physalis peruviana L.) is a potencial funtional food.
  • This research provides and contributes to a practical solution to a problem like T2 diabetes.
  • Including Golden berry in the daily diet will improve the accuracy of personalized hypoglycemic diets for the management and prevention of T2 diabetes.
  • Demonstrate a hypoglycaemic effect with an improvement in insulin sensitivity .
  • Identifying discriminant metabolites after acute and chronic intake of golden berry.
  • Showing that Golden berry intake may be associated with lipogenic mechanisms in weight loss andinsulin signaling, which could reduce some risk factors related to metabolic syndrome.
  • The audience can use what they learn by including cape gooseberry in their diet to improve their eatinghabits and expect an improvement in the insulin signaling pathway.
  • Increasing fruit consumption along with a healthy lifestyle will bring great benefits to metabolism andhealth.


Dr. Angel studied Nutrition and dietitian at the National of Colombia University, Colombia and graduated as MSc Biochemistry in 2010 in the same university. He studies at effect to consum of functional food in the gen expression to prevention of cardiovascular disease. He received his PhD degree in 2018 at the University of Balearic Island. After four year supervised by Dr Andrew Palow at the at the Institute of Alimentomic, Spain he obtained the position of an Associate Professor at the Industrial of Santander University, Colombia. He has published several research articles on nutrigenomics in SCI(E) journals.