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Paul Motley, Speaker at Obesity Conferences
GoMeasure3D, United States


The Usefulness of 3D scanning as a measurement aid to anthropometry for research over time incorporates various tools, and provides great benefits when compared to discrete 2D measurements. 
Traditional methods such as abdominal circumference, skinfold measurements, stature, and weight, provide useful information, but incorporating non contact 3D scanning allows for deeper knowledge of anthropometry at a 3D level while mitigating user error allowing for more reliable results.

Determining the benefits of 3D scanners over more traditional methods of data collection for core features such as speed of data capture, Quality of data and ease of use. 

Using Artec Leo to quickly gather 3D data as a replacement to traditional tape and skinfold measurements. 

Technological advancements in modern handheld 3D scanning solutions provides a platform that can allow for much greater flexibility in full body scan analysis and application due to faster data capture rates and data processing This enables fast, accurate and repeatable 3D Data for various processes and studies. 

3D scanning with Artec Leo can capture a person's precise body measurements & dimensions in less than one minute for their entire body, resulting in a color, submillimeter-accurate 3D digital twin of their body at that exact moment in time. In other words, an entire sports team can be scanned individually in less than one hour.

By repeating these scans at regular intervals, the practitioner has the power to monitor a person's anatomical changes far beyond mere weight-loss/gain. The resulting 3D models are simply brought together to provide an easy-to-understand visual representation showing precisely which anatomical regions have changed, and to which degrees. 

Audience Take Away:

  • Understanding the ease of use of modern 3D scanning systems such as the Artec Leo can help greatly improve the data captured for complex problems.
  • 3D Scanning can provide more efficient data collection from a practical, non-contact approach that allows faculty to efficiently capture data required for not only anthropometric measurements but for many other aspects of research and teaching.
  • 3D Scanning is a useful tool that can improve accuracy.  


Paul Motley graduated from Liberty University in 2015 COO of Gomeasure3D has spent 15+ years in the field of 3D Scanning working with medical, mechanical, and scientific research applications has worked with a variety of systems and is considered a leading expert in the field of structured light 3D scanning.