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Esha Sharma, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
MDI Gurgaon, India


Gamification has been recognized as one of the effective approach in attracting the attention of the health care consumers, causing behavioral changes. Although its application is widespread, in health care has been associated to several challenges. It has been established in several studies that gamification is associated to many benefits including enhanced engagement of the patient and increased adherence to the treatment. The types, benefits and challenges of the gamification process should be considered with higher priority for the proper understanding and implication of the same in the health care system as well.

Considering the current research’s purpose, the research methodology adopts primary methods of data collection with the utilization of interview with five patients. The ongoing research found that gamified applications in the medical care setting for actual wellness, drug management, sustenance, persistent disease management, recovery, and physiotherapy are prevalent. The research found that gamification is associated with various benefits, including improved patient commitment and treatment program adherence. However, regardless of the advantages, instances of privacy infringement, cheating, and moderate loss of interest has been archived, which might hinder the appropriate reception of game mechanics in medical care.

The overall findings revealed that the gamification and health related application involving games in those, have significant positive impact upon healthcare consumers, especially obesity patients to adhere onto their weight loss and weight management programs. The findings suggested that reward, recognition, personalization and socialization through these games can positively motivate patients to achieve their health related goals and modify their lifestyle.

Audience Take Away:

  • This presentation will help the audience to identify the importance and effectiveness of gamification in health care sector for the engagement development among obese and overweight people regarding weight management
  • Also it will facilitate to promote the most effective ways of gamification that can eventually help in the improvement of the health care sector for the consumer engagement


Esha Sharma studied BTech at DAIICT, Gandhinagar, India and PGPM at MDI Gurgaon, India and graduated in 2008 and 2012 respectively. She has worked in Marketing and IT domains across different industries ranging from Healthcare, Tobacco, IT and Chocolates. She is currently pursuing her PhD at MDI Gurgaon, India in the area of digital health and patient engagement.