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WOC 2023

Lorie Loe

Lorie Loe, Speaker at Obesity Conference
Lorie Loe
Author and Influencer, United States


Lorie Loe is an influencer, author and a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who suffered for more than 50-years with BED. She is the creator of The Sacred Binge YouTube channel and is the author of two books: Mouth Hunger: Ten Healing Truths about Binge Eating Disorder that will Mend Your Heart and Set You Free, and the upcoming The Sacred Binge: A Soulful Self-Help Guide for Lasting Recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.  A survivor of numerous commercial weight-loss programs and obesity treatments, Lorie works to understand why we binge, why we believe that thinness is the cure for everything, and how the commercial food and weight-loss industries profit from our broken hearts. She has served as an adjunct instructor in the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program in the Business Department of Santa Rosa Community College since 2019.