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Kwizera Kevin

Kwizera Kevin, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Title : Prevent Obesity For New Generation


How The Medications Cause Obesity
Obesity Can Be Defined As The Clinical Condition Where Accumulation Of Excessive Fat Takes Place In The Adipose Tissue Leading To Worsening Of Health Condition. Usually, The Fat Is Deposited Around The Trunk And Also The Waist Of The Body Or Even Around The Periphery.
Obesity Is Actually A Disease That Has Been Spreading Far And Wide. It Is Preventable And Certain Measures Are To Be Taken To Curb It To A Greater Extend. Both In The Developing And Developed Countries, Obesity Has Been Growing Far And Wide Affecting The Young And The Old Equally.The Alarming Increase In Obesity Has Resulted In Stimulated Death Rate And Health Issues Among The People. There Are Several Methods Adopted To Lose Weight And They Include Different Diet Types, Physical Activity And Certain Changes In The Current Lifestyle. Many Of The Companies Are Into Minting Money With The Concept Of Inviting People To Fight Obesity.In Patients Associated With Increased Risk Factor Related To Obesity, There Are Certain Drug Therapies And Other Procedures Adopted To Lose Weight. There Are Certain Cost Effective Ways Introduced By Several Companies To Enable Clinic-Based Weight Loss Programs.Obesity Can Lead To Premature Death And Even Cause Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Cardiovascular Diseases Have Also Become The Part And Parcel Of Obese People. It Includes Stroke, Hypertension, Gall Bladder Disease, Coronary Heart Disease And Even Cancers Like Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Endometrial Cancer And Colon Cancer. Other Less Severe Arising Due To Obesity Includes Osteoarthritis, Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease And Even Infertility.Hence, Serious Measures Are To Be Taken To Fight Against This Dreadful Phenomenon That Is Spreading Its Wings Far And Wide. Giving Proper Education On Benefits Of Staying Fit And Mindful Eating Is As Important As Curbing This Issue. Utmost Importance Must Be Given To Healthy Eating Habits Right From The Small Age So That They Follow The Same Until The End Of Their Life.When Your Weight Gain Is Caused By Medicine . Some Medicines Can Cause Certain People To Put On Weight. This Can Be A Good Thing If You Are Underweight To Start With. If You Are At A Normal Weight, Then Gaining A Few Pounds Also Might Not Be A Big Deal. But, If You Are Already Overweight, Weight Gain Might Be More Of A Problem.
Weight Gain Depends On A Number Of Factors. These Include Your Specific Medicine, Your Age, Your Sleep Patterns, And Other Medical Conditions You Have. You Might Only Gain A Few Pounds Over A Year. But Some People Gain More Weight, Like 10 Or 20 Pounds In A Few Months. If You Need To Take The Medicine For Months Or Years, You Might Gain A Lot Of Weight.Medicine-Related Weight Gain Is Not Uncommon, Especially With Certain Types Of Medicines. For Example, Many Steroids Can Cause Weight Gain. So Can Medicines That Treat Mental Health Problems, Such As Depression And Schizophrenia. Men And Women Of All Ages Can Have  Medicine-Related Weight Gain.  

What Will Audience Learn From Your Presentation?

Managing Your Weight Is A Big Part Of Your Health. When You Are Overweight Or Obese, You're At Risk For Medical Conditions Like Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) And Diabetes. Weight  Loss Can Often Be Achieved Through A Healthy Diet And ExerciseReducing Taking

The Audience Will Reduce To Take Medicines That May Cause Weight Gain Include: Medicines For Diabetes, Such As Insulin, Thiazolidinediones, And Sulfonylureas. Antipsychotic Medicines Such As Haloperidol, Clozapine, Risperidone, Olanzapine, Quetiapine, And Lithium

Choosing Healthier Foods (Whole Grains, Fruits And Vegetables, Healthy Fats And Protein Sources) And Beverages. Limiting Unhealthy Foods (Refined Grains And Sweets, Potatoes, Red Meat, Processed Meat) And Beverages (Sugary Drinks) Increasing Physical Activity. Limiting Television Time, Screen Time, And Other “Sit Time”

To Reverse The Obesity Epidemic, Community Efforts Should Focus On Supporting Healthy Eating And Active Living In A Variety Of Settings. Learn About Different Efforts That Can Be Used In Early Childhood Care, Hospitals, Schools, And Food Service.

To Reverse The Obesity Epidemic, Workplace Efforts Should Focus On Supporting Healthy Eating And Active Living In Their Own Workplace Community. Learn About Different Efforts That Can Be Used To Create A Healthy Work Environment.



I’m Mr. kevin KWIZERA founder of IKIREZI SEED OF AFRICA in the heart of AFRICA . I studied in ADPDE KICUKIRO about information and technology continued in networking since 2019 . I’ve also done community service. so i started organisation for carering to childrens for having basic needs i published organisation for supporting new generation about controlling their weight rapid increasing this event take place in RWANDA but i wish it can be international. I’m still following my education in RWANDA