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WOC 2022

Rodolfo Rodriguez Cuadra

Rodolfo Rodriguez Cuadra, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Centro de Estudios Universitarios Vizcaya de Las Americas, Campus Uruapan, Mexico, Mexico
Title : Hand grip strength and physical activity level in university students from Uruapan Michoacán, México


Introduction: Manual dynamometry (DM) is a parameter that measures the maximum static muscle strength, reflects the lean component, the mineral content of the bones and serves as an estimator of the physical condition and nutritional status of an individual1,2. Dynamometry (D) is an economical, fast, easy to perform and reproduce technique. It can be used as a general health indicator, cardiometabolic predictor4-6, nutritional status and complementary prognostic tool for muscle quality.

Objective: to determine the relationship of the grip strength and the level of physical activity in the students of a university in Mexico.

Method: The International Physical Activity Question ­naire (IPAQ), the handling of the tension force of the right hand in triplicate, the hand dynamometer, as well as the measurement of weight and height, were carried out in undergraduate students. in nutrition. The descriptive and comparative statistics were performed with the SPSS 25 software.

Results: A total of 172 university students, 44 men and 128 women were evaluated, representing 26% and 74% of the sample respectively. In the group of male university stu­dents, there is a greater grip strength in contrast to the group of university students. The frequency of the different levels of physical activity was significantly different between men and women, with women having a higher frequency of moderate physical activity compared to men and a lower frequency of low physical activity level.

Conclusions: The data suggest that, although the strength parameter in both sexes is within the normal range, in the evaluation of the international questionnaire for physi­cal activity (IPAQ), more than a third of the population eval­uated has a low or No level of physical activity, which implies in the development of functional and metabolic complications in later life.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

Statistics of grip strength in the population of Mexico, to establish new cut-off points in Mexico and the Latin population

Importance of relationship about pressure strength and health

Level of physical activity in university students and its relationship with the development of sarcopenia


Dr Rodolfo Rodríguez Cuadra at Univa University, Mexico and graduated as Dietician in 2012, he is master's degree in clinical nutrition in 2014. He then joined the research group of Dra. Velasco Ramírez, Sandra Fabiola at Department of Chemistry, University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering, University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He received his PhD degree in 2022 at Contemporary University of the Americas, Uruapan, Mexico. He belonged to the research faculty at the same university. It is accredited in the Mexican College of Nutritionists AC.