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Eric Noel Djahmeni

Eric Noel Djahmeni, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
National Obesity Center, Yaoundé Central Hospital, Cameroon
Title : Effects of Weight Loss and Beneficial on Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity in Obese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients from Subsaharan Africa Origin


Background: This study is aimed at evaluating the effect of weight loss on glycaemic, lipid profile, insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in obese, T2DM patients.

Methods: We carried out a non-randomized single-arm clinical trial at the National Obesity Centre of the Yaounde Central Hospital. The study population consisted of 20 obese T2DM patients. They were all placed on a hypocaloric-hypolipidemic regimen over a six-week period. Glycemic profile, insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion using the 2h-Oral Glucose Tolerance Test were assessed before and after the intervention. In addition, follow-up visits were done every week to assess weight loss patterns and record complaints from participants.  

Results: Twenty (20) participants were enrolled (14 females and 6 males) with a median age of 56 (25-75) years, diabetes duration of at least 2 years and a median BMI of 34.03 Kg/m2. Out of the 20 participants, 10 were on insulin and 15 on biguanide. After the intervention, we observed a significant improvement in insulin secretion evaluated using the AUC of serum C-peptide concentration from 0.8 (0.6-1.1) nmol/l/120 minutes before the intervention to 1.8 (1.4-2.1) nmol/l/120 minutes after (p<0.01). Also, insulin sensitivity assessed using QUICKI improved from 0.56 (0.49-0.59) before the intervention to 0.60 (0.54-0.63) after (p= 0.015) after caloric restriction.

Conclusion: Diet control in obese, type 2 diabetes mellitus patients induces a 5.0 ±1% weight loss with beneficial effects on glycaemic and lipid profile, insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • The impact of a short time hypocaloric-hypolipidemic regimen on weight loss
  • The impact of weight loss following short time hypocaloric-hypolipidemic regimen on the improvement of insulin secrection and insulin sensitivity
  • The impact of weight loss following short time hypocaloric-hypolipidemic regimen on beta cell function


Mr Eric Djahmeni studied Clinical Biochemistry at the Douala University, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences and graduated as Msc in 2018. He is actually enrolled in ph.D cycle in Clinical Epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon. He is Medical Engeneer, Asistant Biologist at the Clinical Biology Laboratory at the National Obesity Center of Yaounde Center Hospital Cameroon.