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Obesity and Eating Disorder

Obesity and eating disorders are each allied with severe physical and mental health consequences, and entities with obesity as well as comorbid eating disorders are at greater risk of these than individuals with whichever condition unaccompanied. Furthermore, obesity can contribute to eating disorder behaviors and vice-versa. Here, we aside on the health hitches and treatment choices for individuals with obesity and comorbid eating disorder behaviors. It looks that in order to progress the healthcare provided to these entities, there is a necessity for superior exchange of experiences and expertise knowledge between healthcare professionals employed in the obesity field with those employed in the field of eating disorders, and vice-versa. Moreover, nutritional or behavioral interventions instantaneously addressing weight management and reduction of eating disorder behaviors in individuals with obesity and comorbid eating disorders may be required. Future research investigating the effects of cohesive medical, psychological and nutritional treatment programs addressing weight management and eating disorder psychopathology in entities with obesity and comorbid eating disorder behaviors such as binge eating is obligatory. Here are some of the eating disorders:

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