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Advanced Treatment for Obesity

  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Morbid Obesity Treatment
  • Islet Cell Transplantation
  • Weight Loss Using Kinesiology

Obesity is a key health problem around the globe and has reached an epidemic percentage in the Western world. Evidence remains to accumulate that obesity is a major hazard factor for many diseases and is connected with substantial morbidity and mortality. Surgery on the stomach and intestines to aid a person with extreme weight loss. Bariatric surgery is an opportunity for people who have a Body Mass Index above 40. Surgery is also a choice for people with a body mass index between 35 and 40 who have health glitches like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

1. Adjustable Gastric Banding

The basic principle of this kind of surgery is to reduce food intake with the usage of a small bracelet-like band positioned around the top of the stomach. The band limits the size of the opening from the throat to the stomach, restraining the amount of food a patient can consume. The size of the opening can be altered using a balloon inside the band that can be inflated or deflated with saline solution according to the requirements of the patient.

2. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

This technique is also used to reduce the food intake and involves forming a small pouch that is comparable in size to the pouch created with AGB. The food bypasses the rest of the stomach and reaches the small intestine, where it is absorbed to a much slighter degree than if it had passed through the stomach, duodenum and upper intestine.

3. Vertical Sleeve Gastrostomy

This process comprises the removal of most of the stomach, which not only limits food intake and absorption, but drops levels of the hormone ghrelin that is accountable for appetite.

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