HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Baltimore, Maryland, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
F Buck Willis, Speaker at Obesity Conference
IUHS School of Medicine, Saint Kitts and Nevis


Obesity in America continues to rise, and the CDC states that “The (annual) medical costs for people who have obesity were $1,429 higher” (than nonobese adults). Obesity is comorbid with Pre-Diabetes (PDM) which affects over 500 million people, worldwide, and the expense of treating this disease is estimated to exceeded $870 Billion US dollars. The purpose of this session is to discuss current research which examines the efficacy of Food Allergen Elimination and the Aerobic-surge exercise regime on each pathology. We will discuss longitudinal outcomes (> 24 months) and Dr Willis will close this session by discussing the financial savings in reductions from these diseases and conditions A longitudinal case/control study of food allergen elimination for obesity reduction (N=94) and all therapeutic groups showed a significant change in weight, BMI, BP, and waist circumference (P < 0.0001). A financial post-hoc examination of 20 subjects from the Experimental groups for 12 months beyond that trial revealed a significant financial savings. Methods we will discuss the following “2-minute”

Protocols: - Nutritional Assessment, identifying chemicals such as TBHQ that drop the Basal Metabolic rates will be addressed. - 2-Minute Aerobic-Surge, Exercises, the multiple studies using this protocol for fat loss will be discussed. - Food Allergen Testing, this valuable tool will be discussed. - Pre-meal Planning, we will show the benefits of “Plan the Eats and Eat the Plan” for daily fuel consumption. The financial savings in a recently completed post-hoc study was -$1,810 USD (range -$900 to -$4,000 USD). The savings came from reduced medical appointments Willis © 2024 and procedures, plus reduced medication for Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome, and hypertension. This session will examine efficacy and financial savings from Food Allergen Elimination and the Aerobic-surge protocols in reversing Obesity, Pre-Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hypertension.


Dr Buck Willis started his life again following what the FAA categorized as a “Fatal Plane Crash.” He overtook the challenges from a 3-year series of 16 operations to rebuild his legs by later Squatting 230kg. After the crash he also earned four degrees, now including his MD, and his research has changed the standard of care in rehabilitation medicine (over 50 publications with eight books and 45 presentations). After earning his PhD in kinesiology, he was chosen to be a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.