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Juliana Pulsena Cunha, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Federal University of Goias, Brazil


Overweight is influenced by several factors such as lifestyle, genetics, social class and education, but also psychological and psychiatric factors.Those people usually have their body image affected, causing them to have a problematic relationship with their own body.

People with excess weight can be dissatisfied with body image, especially women. This can lead to the development of eating disorders, causing poor weight loss or increasing weight gain. The conventional treatment has lower impact in these individuals, becoming a challenge for health professionals to provide treatment.

Other methods have been used alongside conventional ones  to improve  self-esteem and in consequence eating behaviors can be affected. One of these approaches is meditation, which can promote a change in psychological and emotional states and influences how individuals deal with food and the body.

The practice of meditation has been tested as a potential therapeutic intervention for a wide range of clinical problems including eating disorders and other addictions wherein anxiety and impulsivity are key features. Even a short time of practicing can be effective in reducing anxiety and promoting self-observation, which is an important process to be aware of. To be aware is the key to achieve a healthy life, as well as live by taking the focus away from criticism. Small changes are needed to reflect on their results.

Our preliminary results have been shown that eating patterns can be changed even for a short time a day of exposure to meditation practice, including expressive changes in mental suffering.


Dr. Cunha graduated in Nutrition from University of Brasília (1995), she is Master’s degree at University  of Brasília (2000) and Ph.D. in Science Health from University of Brasília (2005). She is a researcher in Nutrition, Mental Health, Meditation and Self-care. Dr. Cunha is an Associate Professor from Federal University of Goiás (UFG) in Clinical Nutrition and Coordinates a Project entitled Mental Health is Integral Health in her University.