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Satish Kumar David, Speaker at Obesity Conference
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


The Future is not tomorrow and next week, the Future is now. According to the World Economic Forum, Creativity is one of the top three skills needed in this Century. Creativity is the Future of every other aspect of life. Every field and sector need Creativity to thrive effectively in the Century. However, the application of Creativity is known as Creative Intelligence. It is a skill that helps you to go beyond the existing to create new and unique ideas, values, situations, solutions, and substance. Creative Intelligence is the combination of Creativity and Intelligence and its help to move your work from the stage of work to competence and from competence to accomplishment. In a scientific world it is imperative that if you are going to accomplish any tangible or significant result or invention you must be willing to move beyond what is obtainable to what is attainable. Creative Intelligence gives you leverage on Scientific Investigations and Discovery. It enables our innermost Creativity to be fully engaged to come up with new inventions that can solve complex or wicked problems in the field of science. Looking at research on Endocrinology and Diabetes, Creative Intelligence helps in research and development concerning finding new and unique solutions to Endocrine and Diabetes related issues. Creative Intelligence helps you in identifying and proffering solutions to complex problems. With various research and findings on Endocrine and Diabetes related issues, engaging Creative Intelligence makes it possible to use its various tools to generate a lasting solution. In conclusion, Creative Intelligence empowers and enables individuals to use their minds to recognize, appreciate and imagine brilliant situations, solutions and values or ideas that can revolutionize any field of interest with emphasizing endocrine and diabetes related issues.


Dr. Satish K David working as Researcher in Strategic Center for Diabetes Research, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. 24+ years of professional experience, his research interests include mHealth, data mining, AI and Creative Intelligence. Several publications in reputed international journals. Also, co-author of 2 book chapters: Novel Health Mobile Technology as an Emerging Strategy in Diabetes Management (IntechOpen, 2017) and Classification Techniques and Data Mining Tools Used in Medical Bioinformatics (IGI-Global, 2019).  Dr. Satish K David is Certified Speaker, Trainer with The John Maxwell Team and have trained over 3000 leaders in Middle East through various leadership programs.