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Yacob Mathai, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Marma Health Centre, India


Sumo wrestlers who weigh 350 kgs do not feel back pain, whereas lean people are found to develop back or neck pains. Pain in the neck is said to be caused by body weight. Even If we try to reduce the body weight, the reduction in the weight of the head will be only marginal. The claim of modern science - 50% of the symptoms can be eliminated by a 5% reduction in body weight and an increase in body weight is the reason for most of the neck, back and joint pain. To stop cancer from spreading some body parts are removed by surgery which in turn reduces the weight of their head and yet they do not feel any relief for their neck and shoulder pains. People who do not have limbs naturally or by accident do have complaints of spondylosis and osteoarthritis although their body weight is remarkably very low. 

People who have undergone surgical methods to reduce their body weight approximately 10 kg or 10% still suffer from sustained back / joint pain. So is the case with people who had successfully tried dieting. 

 Some patients with back pain and knee pain while they are undergoing treatment get asthma and some others due to inflammation in their stomach, lose appetite. In either of these cases, bodyweight is observed to reduce up to half of the original weight or even less. This loss of body weight does not always alleviate their pain. 

The camels have very lean legs. These lean legs can carry heavyweights. Animals like crocodiles and pangolin have a long, heavy and thick tail which they use for the attack. 

Even though the weight of their tail is carried by the vertebral column, But why do they not suffer from any pain of this kind.

. I have cured all types of persons, lean, fat and overweight. I have a massaged (special type) touching the veins, arteries, and muscles only and no bones or discs. I could reduce the inflammation and change the cause of inflammation. I have measured the body weights of patients before and after the treatment. Some lean patients who get cured by the treatment may even put on more weight. All these clearly show that bodyweight does not lead to Back pain or disc prolapse, but only inflammation causes pain. Inflammatory contents (main content is water) are indeed high in the body of fat persons giving a false impression of overweight.

Almost all of the weight lifters are stout persons. Their bone mass is more that of leaned persons. Leaned persons are not in this field because they haven’t enough strength to lift the weight. An unnecessary reduction of body weight brings a lack of strength and energy. Certain people do have a heavier bone mass or weight. 

These peoples have relatively increased body weight than others. Who belongs to the same height and age group. So the criteria in judging the bodyweight for everyone following height and age group is not correct. Obesity with unhealthy fat accumulation is destructive to total body structure except for this reason body weight shall be of no concern at all. 


A practicing physician in the field of healthcare in the state of Kerala in India for the last 31years and very much interested in basic research. My interest is spread across the fever, inflammation and back pain. I am a writer. I already printed and published nine books on these subjects. I wrote hundreds of articles in various magazines. I already attended  4 prestigious international medical conferences as a keynote speaker. I am invited to 41 counties and 500+ conferences.