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Stephen Gullo, Speaker at Obesity Conference
Stephen Gullo
Center for Health Sciences, United States


Dr. Stephen Gullo received his doctorate in psychology from Columbia University, post-doctoral studies in nutrition at the Campbell Center for Nutrition at Cornell. He served as a professor/researcher at Columbia University Medical Center. He was honored at an international gathering at the United Nations, hosted by the President of the United Nations General Assembly and awarded the prestigious Schoenberg Award by colleagues from Columba and Harvard “for the development of unique and creative modes of weight control.” His work has been featured in over 20 cover stories including three in The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Hollywood Reporter. He is one of the pioneers of the Behavioral Nutrition model for clinical weight control and the founder of the Center for Health Sciences in New York City. His book: “Thin Tastes Better” was a national best seller. When The New York Times conducted a survey of the nation’s leading weight experts for its prestigious T-List Dr. Gullo was honored to be one of the two.

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