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Mohammed Najmadden, Speaker at Obesity Conference
Mohammed Najmadden
Al-Kitab University, Iraq


Mohammed Najmadden is a highly skilled medical laboratory technician with over 7 years of experience, making significant contributions to the medical field. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from Northern Technology University, Kirkuk (2015), and a Master's degree in Clinical Biochemistry from the College of Medicine, Tikrit, Mohammed has established a commendable reputation in the industry. Currently employed at Azadi Teaching Hospital in Kirkuk since May 2016, he excels in managing the modeling, planning, and execution of laboratory processes, showcasing adaptability to modern technology and expertise in quality control and calibration. With a strong commitment to academic growth, Mohammed actively participates in conferences and has a keen interest in teaching, leveraging his advanced degrees to enhance academic skills. Proficient in various computerized programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and SPSS, Mohammed is not only a laboratory management expert but also excels in staff leadership, development, and implementing innovative solutions to drive revenue and reduce costs. His dedication to continuous improvement and his extensive experience make him a valuable asset in the medical laboratory field.