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WOC 2022

Dario C Ramirez

Dario C Ramirez, Speaker at Obesity Congress
Dario C Ramirez
Imibio-Sl-Conicet- National University of San Luis, Argentina


Dr Ramirez is a Biochemist and Immunologist graduated of Dr In Biochemistry (2000) and Magister in Immunology (2001) at the National University of San Luis (UNSL.edu.ar). He was trained at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, NC, USA (2001-2008). Then at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OKC, OK, USA2008-2011) he stablished a strong research program on immunometabolism. In 2011 he returned to Argentina where he is Tenure Professor of Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Physiology (UNSL). Currently, he is also a Principal Investigator of the National Bureau of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Argentina).