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WOC 2023

Charlie Seltzer

Charlie Seltzer, Speaker at Weight Management Conferences
Charlie Seltzer
Dr. Charlie Seltzer Life Style Medicine, United States


After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts, Dr. Seltzer went on to study medicine at Jefferson Medical College, where he graduated as a Medical Doctor (M.D.). Dr.Seltzer worked as a Resident of Internal Medicine at Crozer Chester Medical Center before choosing to open up his own practice. Driven by his past personal struggles with weight and binge eating, Dr. Seltzer’s mission is to help others who want to improve their health. Unlike other weight loss physicians, Dr. Seltzer takes a 360-degree approach by evaluating and addressing all of the factors contributing to sub-optimal health, including medical problems and medications, sleep, stress, depression, food addiction, busy work schedules, and social commitments.

Oral Presentation (In-person)